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Movie Review: ‘Freak Show’

Review by Jacquelin Hipes Bullies are omnivorous creatures. Not even kids who expend so much time and energy on blending in are exempt from their attention. They have a sinister intuition when it comes to pinpointing a victims deepest insecurities and a deadly accuracy ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Saturday Church’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler Ulysses (Luka Kain) loses his father and has to become “man of the house”. He has to watch over his obnoxious younger brother Abe (Jaylin Fletcher), while dealing with his extremely devout and conservative Aunt Rose (Regina Taylor), who decides ...Read More

Blu-ray Review: ‘It’

Greetings again from the darkness. There are two clown schools: Funny clowns (Bozo, Ronald McDonald), and Terrifying clowns (the one in POLTERGEIST, Pennywise the Dancing Clown). Stephen King first introduced Pennywise in the 1986 novel, and the great Tim Curry brought him to life ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘What Lies Upstream’

Greetings again from the darkness. “Issues-related” documentaries walk a dangerous and fine line. If done properly, they can be informative, educational and even act as calls to action. On the other hand, they can be biased, manipulative and even blatant propaganda (Hello there, Michael ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘2047: Virtual Revolution’

In the tradition of Blade Runner, Ready Player One and Surrogates, comes a cyberpunk neo-noir staring Mike Dupod (X-Men: Days of Future, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), Jane Badler (V, V: The Final Battle, Mission: Impossible) and Kaya Blocksage (As Above, So Below, The ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Django’

Greetings again from the darkness. Don’t mistake this for either the Franco Nero (1966) or Jamie Foxx (2012) movie. This latest from writer/director Etienne Comar centers on Django Reinhardt, one of the most talented and influential musicians of the twentieth century. Based on the ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Dare To Be Wild’

The release date of this movie could not be any more perfect, as this inspirational piece pours energy, enthusiasm and motivation for a fresh start in the New Year. Slated to release on January 9th, ‘Dare to be wild’ is based on a true ...Read More