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USA Film Festival 2017 Review: ‘Unleashed’

Greetings again from the darkness. Quirky is an overused word to describe far too many offbeat independent movies and unconventional actors. However, sometimes no better word exists, and that’s exactly the situation with writer/director Finn Taylor’s latest. A full moon cosmic event results in ...Read More

Documentary Review: ‘Danger Close’

Greetings again from the darkness. This is the third in a series of unparalleled looks at war from the front line courtesy of co-directors Christian Tureaud and David Salzberg. Their 2014 documentary The Hornet’s Nest followed war correspondent Mike Boettcher and his son as ...Read More

Movie Review: ‘Below Her Mouth’

Review by Bluray Junkies Natalie Krill plays “Jasmine” a fashion magazine editor whose relationship with her fiance has been shaky, when one day she meets a woman named “Dallas” they immediately form a strong connection. After a passionate weekend affair between the two women, ...Read More