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Latin American Film Festival Review: ‘Marshland’

Crime dramas, once a healthy portion of our cinematic diet, has all but completely migrated to the small screen. Now, from “The Killing” to “Broadchurch” to “The Bridge” to “The Fall,” there is a veritable glut of moody (and generically titled) crime stories overloading ...Read More

Latin American Film Festival Review: ‘Ixcanul Volcano’

Ixcanul Volcano (alternatively titled simply “Ixcanul”) opens on a tight close-up of Maria (María Mercedes Coroy), her stoic yet mournful expression dominating the frame, as her mother, Juana (María Telón), slightly out of focus, dresses her in the traditional garb of Guatemala’s indigenous Kaqchikel ...Read More

‘Oak Cliff Film’ Festival Recap

And they said it wouldn’t last. OK, I don’t think anyone actually said that about The Oak Cliff Film Festival, and we are quite thrilled to report that this fourth year may be the best yet. One of the (many) things that make this ...Read More