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Book Review: ‘Summer Secrets’

New York Times bestselling author Jane Green is back with her latest novel Summer Secrets (St. Martin’s Press) and in stores now. It’s a story that features London and Nantucket. Cat lives in London and works in the world of media. Fashion, parties and ...Read More

Book Review: ‘Lady Maybe’

An accident along the road kills one woman and gives another woman a new identity. On the way to their new home Lady Mayfield, her companion Hannah and her husband Sir John have a terrible accident during a violent storm. Lady Mayfair is swept ...Read More

Book Review: ‘The Flying Circus’

Susan Crandall is back with hew novel The Flying Circus, an entertaining story of 3 people who each have problems in their lives coming together for adventure across the country in the late 20’s. Cora Rose Haviland who comes from a wealthy family who ...Read More