‘Breaking Homicide’ Preview Sunday On Investigation Discovery

BREAKING HOMICIDE follows former Rhode Island Police Sergeant Derrick Levasseur and Forensic Psychologist Kris Mohandie as they answer the pleas of desperate families seeking help investigating the unsolved murders of their loved ones. Each episode provides fresh perspective and new hope to those who never gave up on the search for justice.

The Blue Mustang premieres Sunday, May 20 at 10/9c In the final episode of BREAKING HOMICIDE, Kris and Derrick travel to Palmdale, CA to investigate a case involving a young woman brutally assaulted while walking to her car. Security guard Ray Jennings was convicted of killing 18-year-old Michelle O’Keefe at a parking lot where he worked in 2000. Eleven years later he was declared innocent. If he’s not guilty, how did he know things only the killer could know? The team probes the truths and lies in this tragic crime, providing the O’Keefe family peace and closure. Season finale.

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