Book Review: ‘The Whole Town’s Talking’ Is A Little Long Winded

Fannie Flagg is an actress, game show player and an Oscar nominated writer for Fried Green Tomatoes. She’s written many books and her newest one The Whole Town’s Talking is out in stores now from Random House.

It’s a story of life and death of the residents of a small town in Missouri called Elmwood Springs. Lordor Nordstorm is from Sweden and has made his way to America. He starts a dairy business in 1889 and soon after gets himself a mail order bride Katrina. An area of town is made into a graveyard called Still Meadows and all the towns local residents each grab a plot for themselves and their future descendants. The story follows all the local folks from each decade all the way up until 2021. We follow their adventures as the town grows, people get married, have children and pass on.

A funny thing happens to all the locals. When they die and got to Still Meadows they’re reunited in death. They can see each other and catch up on what they have missed out on in life. It makes you wonder if this is what the afterlife is like. On occasion people will just disappear with no warning.

It’s a fun read from the beginning of the town up until the very end. There’s all sorts of stories and adventures of the town folks. It just gets to be a little long winded by the time the book ends. It could have been a bit shorter with some of the stories being condensed just a bit.

All in all it’s still a fun adventure of the folks of Elmwood Springs!

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