Book Review: ‘White Collar Girl’ Looks At Life For Women In Chicago In The ’50s

In the new novel White Collar Girl (in stores now) author Renee Rosen looks at life for women trying to make it in the newspaper business in the ’50s.

Jordan Walsh comes from a family of writers. So it reasons that she wants to follow in their footsteps. When she gets a job at the Chicago Tribune she’s relegated to the pages that women are always assigned to. Covering weddings, fashion and the latest trends. It’s not what she wants but knows she will have to pay her dues. When she makes a contact in city hall she starts getting leads and inside dirt on the corrupt city. When she brings the stories to her editor, he thinks it’s great but gives the byline to one of the male reporters (even though it was her story).

Also driving Jordan is trying to figure out what happened to her late brother (who was killed in a hit and run which seemed to have been swept under the carpet). He had been working a story before he was killed. As Jordan gets more exclusive breaking stories from her source, she is soon taken from the so called fluff pieces and given a shot at the front page and her own bylines.

She also finds being a reporter can be tough on her personal life. She dates and is involved with another reporter who works for another paper. Her job is all consuming and it takes a toll on her relationships.

As she puts her love life on hold and digs more into her brothers death, she finds more information and soon is on the track of the same people that killed her brother. She is warned to take it easy and watch her back. The more she digs, the more danger she is in.

A great look at what life was like for women in the 1950’s. The whole atmosphere of what women had to put up with (and still do today), to a great look at the what the newspaper business was like and how it was hard to have love and a career. There was not internet back then. Just phones and typewriters. Women had to work twice as hard and then it didn’t always help them.

Not sure if Renee knew people from that era or just did some great research but she paints a great picture of what it must have been like then and a good picture of what Chicago at that time was like.

You can pick up White Collar Girl in stores now.

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