Book Review: ‘What My Sister Knew’ By Nina Laurin

Andrea Boudreaux has been in a car accident at 3:45 in the morning. She has a concussion and isn’t sure what happened. She does swear she saw someone at the scene but no one else is found. When her adopted mother shows up at the hospital she takes charge and Andrea (nickname Addie) go back with her to her house. There are all sorts of press hanging about. Addie doesn’t understand what’s going on. When she turns on the news she sees it. For the first time in 15 years she sees her twin brother on the news. He is accused of murder. He has been in jail for a fire that killed their parents.

Addie is shocked and part of her doesn’t believe he did it. The police do and are looking for answers. Addie doesn’t have them. But Addie’s life is now in turmoil. In flashbacks leading up to the fatal fire we learn all about Addie and her brother Eli’s life and what lead up to the fire. There wasn’t very much happiness and we learn shocking truths about the family.

Addie decides to go on the offensive and try to figure out where Eli is and why it seems like he is setting her up. It leads to a shocking realization that will change peoples lives forever.

I normally love these kinds of books and this was just an average read for me. There’s an old saying that secrets have a way of coming out and with this story there are plenty of secrets. I happened to figure out a lot before they were revealed and I wasn’t really to shocked or had my mind tripped when things were revealed. It could be because I read so many of these type of books that I am jaded. For the average reader this could be a book you don’t want to put down with the many twists and turns that do happen.

You can decide for yourself when What My Sister Knew is released on Tuesday, June 19 from Grand Central Publishing.

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