Book Review: ‘Watching Edie’ Has You Hooked Right Till The Very End

Two friends forever changed by one night relieve their past today in the present. Camilla Way has written a thriller, Watching Edie, that will keep you reading right up to the end. I guessed wrong as to what I thought was the big secret between the lead characters of Edie and Heather.

Nobody thought Edie and Heather would be friends. They were opposites of each other. They became good friends and hung out all the time. That is until Edie meet Connor. She fell for him hard. He was a party boy who drank, did drugs and was controlling. Over time he came between the girls and let to their not being friends and one horrific night.

Today Edie finds herself pregnant and pretty much alone. One day out of the blue (many years later) Heather shows up. Edie really doesn’t want anything to do with her. She relents and lets Heather stay with her. After the birth of her baby Maya, Edie can’t seem to cope and Heather takes care of the baby. As Edie gets better she starts to notice that Heather seems unstable and kicks her out.

Soon Edie makes a new friend, meets a man and seems to be moving on. Things start to happen and she thinks it’s Heather. Soon Heather reappears and the truth of the past comes out and everything is explained in a stunning climax to the story.

The book navigates from chapter to chapter with before and after chapters. Alternating between the past with their back story, to the present and what is happening today. It works brilliantly in setting up the story.

I really enjoyed this novel and couldn’t put it down! You can pick it up in stores from New American Library; Tuesday, August 2.

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