Book Review: ‘Victoria’ Is A Great Look At What The Life Of Queen Victoria Might Have Been Like

Daisy Goodwin has taken the diaries of Queen Victoria and researched her life to write this fascinating novel on her life. It imagines how her life must have been. A lot of what’s written in the book is true although not everything is known to be a fact.

Victoria became Queen at the age of 18 after living a sheltered life. Her mother and her consort Sir John secretly hoped that William IV would have died earlier and then they would have run things until she was of age. Victoria resented them for how she was brought up and never trusted Sir John.

From the moment she became Queen she surprised everyone with her actions, grace and demeanor. She also have the Prime Minister Lord Melbourne by her side to help guide her. Though she made a few mistakes for the most part was a popular Queen. She was also told she needed to have a husband. She wasn’t interested in that. Over the years she feel for Melbourne but he was too old and it never would have been allowed.

Her devious uncles had other ideas. They had choices of their own to marry the Queen. Her cousin Prince Albert became the leading candidate. Victoria had met him years ago and found him to be a bore. Upon meeting him again still wasn’t interested. As she got to know him more that changed.

The book looks at her life from early on to taking the crown up to asking Albert to marry her (this isn’t a spoiler since it’s the true story of her life). It’s a really good read on the life of a Queen in that era must be like. I googled her life and found most of the information in the book was true (I am sure facts were embellished since none of us were there). Still if you’re into the royals like I am you will enjoy this novel!

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