Book Review: ‘Uneasy Lies The Crown’ Is The Next Fun Lady Emily Mystery

Author Tasha Alexander is back with book number 13 in her Lady Emily series titled Uneasy Lies The Crown. My first time reading one of these books and it was a lot of fun. The characters are well written and the story was a fun adventure set at the end of Queen Victoria’s reign. It was a good look at the year 1901.

Lady Emily’s husband Colin has been summoned to the bedside of the dying Queen Victoria in 1901. She gives him one last job Une sanz pluis (One and no more. Dare to know) and tells him he is the only one that can do what is says. He has no idea what this means. In time he does.

A body is found in the Tower Of London killed like Henry the VI. It’s the first of a series of murders done by someone in period costumes with the next murder done like Edward II. Lady Emily is on the case, having assisted in previous situations before. She starts her investigation and it takes her to places she would never go. She and Colin worry that it will lead to the murder of the new King (he’s been getting more letters from the late Queen) and make sure his security is tight. When they finally get a break it may be too late for someone.

The book goes back to the time of Henry the V in 1415 and tells us the story of the war in France and leading up to the death of the King and what the letters truly mean. It’s a great look at that time period and plays into the story very well.

A fun, mid-evil mystery makes me look forward to the next book in the series. It was my first time reading one and I am now a fan.

You can pick it up in stores now.

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