Book Review: ‘Under Fire’ Is Another Exciting Jack Ryan Jr. Novel

Jack Ryan Jr. is back and on the case in the first solo novel of the series from writer Grant Blackwood. And what a good job he does continuing the franchise.

Jack is in Tehran for The Campus and decides to meet up with an old friend Seth Gregory. They catch up and before Seth leaves he gives Jack a key to his apartment with a clue as to why. Soon Seth is missing and Jack is caught up with British intelligence looking for him. When strongly advised not to look the missing man who they believe has gone rogue, Jack of course goes looking. He uses the key to the apartment where he’s attacked and taken and most likely about to be killed. He manages to break out of the van he’s in and is on the run when a strange woman Ysabel, who has been following him saves him.

Soon Jack and Ysabel are teaming up and trying to figure out what is going on with Seth (she also knows Seth). As they try and figure out who to trust and how to stay alive, they learn about a revolution that involves the Russian government and the nation of Dagestan.

There’s shootouts, killings and back stabbing galore in this newest tale (and Jack Ryan Jr. is just a stud in any situation he gets put into). The Campus members are present and helping jack via phone and texts. Dom is soon on the case with Jack and Ysabel (who he has gotten quite close with!) and it’s a race to stop the bad guys.

Grant continues the great story telling of the previous Tom Clancy novels involving Jack Ryan and Jack Ryan Jr. and The Campus. I look forward to many more novels involving the characters of Tom Clancy going forward.

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