Book Review: ‘Two Nights’ Contains The Next Exciting Character From Kathy Reichs

Kathy Reichs is well known for her books especially for her Temperance Brennan series, which was the basis for the hit Fox TV Series Bones. She’s back with a new original stand-alone thriller called Two Nights (Bantam; in stores Tuesday, July 11th). She has a fresh new female character named Sunday Night (yes that is her name). She’s brash, she’s sassy and she’s a damn good investigator (who of course has lots of issues).

Sunday is a tough, smart and sarcastic woman who has had a rough life. A bad childhood, issues in the service and troubles when she was on the police force. Now she leads a simple life on an island off of South Carolina. She has barely any friends and she prefers it that way (except for a squirrel named Bob). When Beau comes calling with a potential case (she does do investigation work from time to time) she’s intrigued although not really interested. She takes a meeting with a rich, older woman named Opaline Drucker, who’s looking for her missing 15 year old granddaughter Stella. She was part of a bombing that killed her family and she was presumed to have died as well. A body was never found and Opaline wants to know who did it and if she’s still alive.

She offers a lot of money for proof of the captures (dead or alive). Although Sunday wasn’t going to take the case, something about what Opaline says hits her and she decides to take it. Off to Chicago to start the investigation she immediately finds her life in jeopardy from the people responsible for the bombing. She calls for re-enforcement from her brother Gus and soon they’re off to Los Angeles, back to South Carolina and Kentucky hot on the trail of Stella and a group wanting to make a statement at the Kentucky Derby.

It all leads to a chase and race to stop the group before a lot of people are killed. With some surprise twists and turns it’s one climatic ending.

Here’s hoping this is the start of a whole new series of books with Sunday. Pick up a copy for yourself on Tuesday, July 11.

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