Book Review: ‘To Catch A Witch’ Is The Next Delightful, Witchy Darcy Merriweather Adventure

There’s nothing I love better than magical, mystery novels. And it’s also my first time reading one of Heather Blake’s Wishcraft stories featuring the witch Darcy Merriweather and all her magical and mortal friends (and they are some quirky characters including talking mice) in the neighborhood of Enchanted Village in Salem, Massachusetts. This is the eight adventure with the witches. A lot is going on in the town.

It’s time for the annual Wicked Mad Dash to take place. Darcy’s company is hired to run the event. Everything is planned and ready to go. Until some of the runners are sick. And the bathrooms won’t open. A little magical hocus pocus courtesy of Vince who can’t decide it he is good or bad. The witches in the town can decide if they want to be good or bad. They all have certain powers which are of the wishcraft variety. There’s all sorts of rules as to how they can use their powers. And not everyone gets along.

That morning Abby goes missing and is later found dead. The investigation begins to find who murdered her. Since there’s been a legal situation Darcy helps with the investigation. It leads her to find out about secret romances and marriages that were being planned. As she digs she finds someone isn’t happy with her and her life is threatened. Soon she gets the information she needs and the killer is found.

There’s also sub-stories involving her sister Harper, her mother who’s the elder of the witches and a plan to replace her by Dorothy, a horrible witch that no one likes that is of the evil side.

If this is your first time wanting to jump in don’t worry about it being the eighth book. Author Heather Blake gives enough back story and explains who is who and how they fit in. I am looking forward to more Darcy Wishcraft mysteries in the future.

This book is in stores now from Crooked Lane.

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