Book Review: ‘This Is Me’ By Chrissy Metz Is A Good Look At Her Life And She Gives Good Motivation Tips

Answering her phone on the 405 ‘I’m Oprah Winfrey’s Chief of Staff’ and she would like to invite you to lunch. Sure Oprah is calling me Chrissy thinks. Turns out she was and has Chrissy over for lunch. Bucket list item checked off and officially means I have made it. And off starts Chrissy’s book about her life titled This Is Me, in stores now.

Chrissy tells her story in her own words. From her rough childhood with divorced parents. She and her siblings were left with her mother and didn’t have much contact or help from her father. Her mom struggled to make enough money and they lost their homes and electricity on a few occasions. Her mom hooked up with a man that treated Chrissy bad and would often hit her. She goes into full detail on this and also on her struggles with her weight.

Also full details on her marriage, going to Hollywood and struggling to get parts (working as an agent for nine years). Finally getting American Horror Story (and behind the scenes on the audition process and working with such a powerful cast). Then there is This Is Us. She goes into great details about her casting, meeting the cast and getting nominated for an EMMY.

When life would get her down she would pick herself up and keep pushing. She gives great motivational tips on how things worked for her and how they can work for you.

It’s more than another celebrity bio. It’s her way to reach out and touch those that have supported her and giving back to them.

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