Book Review: ‘The Wednesday Group’ Is A Bold Look At The Effects Of Sexual Addiction On Relationships

The great debut novel from Sylvia True, ‘The Wednesday Group,’ is about the effects of sexual addiction on several relationships.

Five women are going through situations in their relationships. They’ve lost trust in their partner and are trying to stay with them and work through the problems. They find it hard to trust and really have no place to turn. These are private issues and they don’t want them to get out.

Kathryn is a psychologist starting out and decides to start a group for spouses of the addicts. She chooses the women to meet once a week on Wednesday nights. The first meeting is tough and some of the women don’t know if they can come back. They do and they start to form a bond with each other to try and get advice and support.

The book does a good job of detailing what each woman has gone through. Each chapter is dedicated to one of the ladies and their life or to the group meeting. You get a clear look at what each relationship is going through and how they deal with it.

Sylvia has written a very detailed, fictional look at the effects of sexual addiction on relationships. She has done a great job at looking at it from both sides of the relationship and how it effects the male, female and kids in some cases. It doesn’t say anything about what research she did, but it’s clear from reading it she must have done a lot. A highly recommended read.

In stores on March 24.

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