Book Review: ‘The Shakespeare Requirement: A Novel’ Is An Interesting And Fun Look At College Life

Payne University if in the Midwest and it’s the start of the new year. For Jason Fitger it’s also a new position. He is now in charge of the English department. Something he didn’t want was voted into. And when he moves into his new office he sees what a mess it is. It’s on the lower floor of the building that no AC or heat. The electrical outlets hardly work. He doesn’t have a working computer. There’s not budget. His assistant Fran knows everything (she’s been there 18 years) and they clash at first. In a nutshell the job sucks. On top of that he gets stung by a wasp, argues with fellow English professors when he tries to get his statement done so he can submit a budget. And he’s jealous of his ex-wife who’s dating the dean.

He finds out that the Economics department is trying to under mind his department to take over his space. He also is fighting with his own department over Shakespeare. It’s not a requirement and Professor Cassovan wants it to be. This fuels more arguing. Everyday it’s something in Jason’s life either at school or his personal life. He’s determined to save his department no matter what.

This is the sequel to author Julie Schumacher’s book from 2015 Dear Committee Member, which also featured Jason Fitger. It’s an absolute blast of a story, following this poor guy around and everything that happens to him (and it’s a lot). Sharply written, funny at times and a great look at college life from the administrative side and from a student’s side.

You can pick up The Shakespeare Requirement in stores on Tuesday, August 14 from Doubleday.

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