Book Review: ‘The Reckless Oath We Made: A Novel’ By Bryn Greenwood

Zee lives in Kansas with her sister La Reigne and her nephew Marcus. When her sister goes missing she has to look after Marcus and also her crazy mother. Her sister was kidnapped while visiting her man in prison. No one knows where they are or if she is alive. Zee is doing everything she can to find her. She also has Gentry her knight in shining armor that has looked after her in a stalker way for a couple of years now. Gentry is like a medieval person, has swords, armor, really likes Zee and talks in medieval speak (and it gets annoying after a while until you read the whole book and you get to understand exactly who he is and why he is like this).

Because of what happens with her sister Zee has lost her apartment, her job and Marcus. Thanks to Gentry she has a place to live and has him to look after her. She decides to go and see her estranged uncle and figures he may have contacts to help her find her sister. Gentry goes with her and they get a lead on her sister and Gentry calls in his crew and they go for a rescue of her. Things don’t go according to plans and shocking twists take place and people’s lives will never be the same again.

Each chapter of the book is told from a different character’s perspective and at the heart of the story is Zee’s trying to do the right things for everyone. Her life hasn’t been all that great but she has always tried to hold things together. It turns into a touching love story between her and Gentry. It’s not until you finish the book that you truly understand the depths of these two characters and how deep their love goes.

The story moves along fast with some twists and turns you don’t see coming. By the time I finished it I really enjoyed the story.

You can pick up The Reckless Oath We Made in stores on Tuesday, August 20 from Putnam.

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