Book Review: ‘The Mansion’ Is A Thrilling, Technological Thriller

It’s been 10 years since Shawn Eagle and Billy Stafford have seen each other. And their lives cannot be more opposite. Shawn is a billionaire many times over with his company Eagle Logic. They make Apple look like nobodies. Billy is a recovering alcoholic and drug user, who is on the verge of bankruptcy with his wife Emily. Once upon a time they were best friends who were going to be partners and change the world. And then it happened and they went their separate ways, with Shawn taking the company.

Now Shawn has asked Billy to meet with him. He wants to try and put the past behind them (and there’s a lot about there past that comes out and is shocking). Shawn wants to hire Billy to fix a program they made all those years ago called Nellie, which is installed in Shawn’s family estate Eagle Mansion. It was were they first worked on their business in a small cabin near by. It has many ghosts and secrets. Shawn has had it remodeled and wants to use it for business. He just needs to get Nellie working correctly.

Since Billy wrote most of the code for it he has offered him a lot of money to fix it. It gets Billy and Emily out of debt and they move to Eagle Mansion to begin fixing Nellie. But she’s not all she seems to be. She has bugs, a virus and a mind of her own. And soon things start to get out of control with her. It gets so bad that it cost Billy, Emily and Shawn their very lives if Billy can’t figure out the evil that Nellie has become.

Taking the technical stuff aside (since I am not a tech person) this is a great story with twists and turns you don’t see coming and shocking ending you won’t see coming. It will make you think twice about having things like Siri, Alexa and Echo helping to run your lives (I don’t use any of them).

You can pick up The Mansion in stores from author Ezekiel Book on Tuesday, December 4th, from Atria Books.

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