Book Review: ‘The Long Paw of the Law (A Paw Enforcement Novel)’ Is The Next Fun Adventure Of Megan And Bridget

Set in Fort Worth, Texas the next adventure with officer Megan and her K-9 partner Bridget. This time they are on the trail of a burglar who has been stealing garage door openers and stealing stuff. Also when a baby is dropped off at the fire station with Seth (Megan’s boyfriend) under a Texas law that allows parents to give up there babies, something is off with it when they find a message on the baby blanket saying help.

Megan is on the case looking for clues on both cases (she solves the burglary case). The baby case takes them to a compound that is a religious place that may be a cult. Everything leads to there but finding clues and evidence is hard due to no reason to be there to look around. That doesn’t stop Megan and Bridget and soon it leads to a deadly standoff where someone might in deadly danger.

Any book with dogs I am all in. Bridget is a smart, fun dog who is as good a cop as Megan. Author Diane Kelly ever writes chapters so we know what Bridget is thinking and she is a hoot. This is my first time reading one of her books in the Paw series and it’s well worth a read for any animal lover!

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, October 30th from St. Martin’s Paperbacks.

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