Book Review: ‘The Last: A Novel’ Looks At What Could Be The End Of The World

Jon is at a conference at a remote hotel in Switzerland. When he left he had an argument with his wife and left her and the kids behind to come here. His wife sent him a text saying she was sorry and loved him. He hadn’t responded yet. It’s time to leave the conference when word comes through that Washington D.C. has been hit with a nuclear bomb and wiped out. Soon other cities have been bombed and the internet where they are goes down and he can’t contact his family when he calls. He is left at the hotel with a small group of people and they decide the best thing to do is stay there. They seem to be safe. There’s plenty of food and they conserve electric and gas.

The days and months go on and no one knows yet what the outside world is link. If loves ones are alive. Over the days in the hotels some people can’t handle things and kill themselves. Two months later there are 20 people still in the hotel. They are worried they may run out of water. Jon and a few others go and check the towers on the roof and find a young girl dead in one of them. Looks like she was killed on the day that the bombs dropped or close to that day. Jon begins an investigation and thinks the killer could be one of the guests still there.

Jon also has been writing a diary everyday documenting what has happened for future reference and writing letters to his wife in case they are ever found. The people in the hotel are all on edge and sometimes fighting with each other. They soon learn there is a small group of men outside the hotel and they have to keep watch on them.

As they venture out looking for food they find a small village of people and it may there only hope for their future. Some of them also are able to learn the fate of their families. And the murder of the little girl is finally solved.

So the question is how would you survive in a crisis situation like this? It’s an interesting look a something that could happen in the real world one day. The story and the characters are top notch. The way it is written diary style adds to the story and there are a few twists and turns you don’t see coming.

You can pick up the book The Last in stores on Tuesday, April 9th from Atria books.

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