Book Review: ‘The Iceman: A Novel’ Is The Next Exciting P.T. Deutermann WWII Thriller

Author P.T. Deutermann has written twenty novels all based on his 26 years in the military and the navy as a Captain. His father and uncles also were in the navy. So when he writes a book he knows what he’s talking about. His latest The Iceman takes place mostly on subs during WWII. There’s a lot of technical jargon that only someone that has served would know how to write. The story is exciting, thrilling and action-paced and involves many underwater battles that are life threatening for not only the US forces but for the enemy as well.

It’s 1942 and the war is in full effect. The Germans and the Japanese are in full control at the moment. Lieutenant Commander Malachi Stormes is the captain of a submarine patrolling against German minefields and boats. Malachi is a cocky, headstrong man who believes he knows what he’s doing at all times and if that means breaking rules he will. He’s also good at what he does. He manages to take out 3 German boats at once. Something unheard of. He is congratulated back in England and assigned to Perth to command a new submarine to help take out the Japanese.

In Perth he gets his new sub Firefish and meets his new crew. He tells them how he is and what will go down. They are not use to someone like him who likes to push things to the limit and again not follow the rules. He is also somewhat distant when it comes to personal relationships. They are out on their first mission and take out Japanese ships. His methods are anything but normal and his crew is actually afraid of what he does and for their own lives at times. Malachi is quickly dubbed The Iceman for how he acts. It also puts him at odds with the commanding forces of the navy in Perth.

Malachi means a female Doctor in port and soon they are smitten. He also has a past and a secret he hasn’t told anyone that explains why he is the way he is. It plays a big part in his life. While out on his latest patrol things this time don’t go like they should and he and his crew are in for the fight of their lives.

You can pick it up when it releases on Tuesday, August 21st from St. Martin’s Press.

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