Book Review: ‘The Hunting Party’ Is A Twist Filled Great Debut Novel

Nine friends spend Christmas and New Year’s together for the first time in years. Most of them have known each other for years and some are new (spouses and significant others). They go to a remote lodge in the Scottish Highlands. A place where they could be stuck for weeks depending on the weather. There’s two full time workers there to help out with their needs.

The group settle in and party down. But not everything is as it seems. This group has secrets among themselves that start to come out over the time they’re at the lodge. It leads to shocking reveals and then a shocking murder. And the police cannot make it out right away because of the weather. It leads to the reveal of who was murdered and who did it and this person isn’t done with killings. It’s a race against the weather to save anymore people from getting killed.

It’s a thrilling ride from the very beginning. The setting of the story helps narrate who it plays out. With many twists and turns you won’t see coming are just draw dropping. When you think you may have it figured out you don’t. It’s a great debut thriller and author Lucy Foley is one to watch in the years to come.

You can pick up The Hunting Party in stores on Tuesday, February 12, from Morrow.

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