Book Review: ‘The Glass Ocean’ Is A Beautifully Written Novel That Ties The Past And The Present Together

Put three great authors together for one book and you get a beautifully written story of love, danger and twists of turns where the past and the present collide and secrets are revealed. Authors Karen White, Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig are all great writers on their own. This is their second magical book together and hopefully they can do more in the future.

The story is about three women Sarah Blake in 2013 an author with one hit book. She hasn’t written anything new in years, has a mother in a nursing home and is running low on money. She decides to go through her grandmothers chest (something no one was ever suppose to do) and finds something that of her grandfathers (he died RMS Lusitania in 1915) when it was sunk by the Germans. She goes to London to investigate it and decides she’s going to write her next book about it. It involves the Langford family and she tries to talk to John Langford (who has gone through a scandal) and doesn’t want to talk to her. He ends up changing his mind and they start researching his family and even get close.

Meanwhile in flashbacks we meet Caroline Telfair Hochstetter who is married to her rich husband Gilbert (who is much older than her) and it’s not the greatest marriage. He has told her they must sail to London for business. She doesn’t want to go fearing the Germans. Also on board is her old friend Robert Langford (who has been in love with her forever). She starts to question things about her marriage and ends up sleeping with Robert. She loves soon overhears things and starts to question who her husband and Robert really are.

Also on board are sisters Ginny and Tessa who are working a scam to steal something valuable from the Hochstetters but Tessa gets in over her head and soon discovers shocking secrets about her sister, Robert and Gilbert. When the ship is attacked and everyone fights for their lives, its a struggle to stay alive and soon we learn the secrets of Robert, Tessa and who was doing what for the war efforts.

The story of the boat is true as it was sunk in 1915. If you want background on the writing of the book you can listen to my interview with author Karen White here. When I talked to her she was promoting a different book but we talked a lot about this one as well. Lets say wine and spas were involved and how they went about writing the story.

You can pick it up in stores now.

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