Book Review: ‘The First Family’ Is A Thrill Ride

Author Daniel Palmer continues where his father left off after his passing with a great new thrill ride of a story taking place within the White House and with the family. The First Family is in stores on Tuesday, April 17th from St. Martin’s Press.

The President, First Lady and their son Cam are living in the White House doing what it is the family does. Cam is a teenager going to school and has to have protection and not have the most normal of lives. But lately something is up with Cam. He doesn’t seem to be himself. His Secret Service Agent Karen Ray has been noticing this. He has been checked out by the White House doctor but who says he is fine and maybe needs to see a shrink.

Worried for Cam Karen calls her ex-husband Lee Blackwood, whose a doctor and gets him to check out Cam. He thinks something is wrong with Cam but the White dismisses it. Lee keeps on researching and soon finds a patient Susie with similar issues like Cam. When someone tries to kill her it’s a race against time to save Cam and Susie and figure out who is behind this and why.

A story with many twists and turns will keep you riveted until the very last page.

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