Book Review: ‘The Demon Crown’ Is The Next Exciting Sigma Force Novel

James Rollins is back with his next exciting Sigma Force novel. Some extremists in Japan have found an ancient secret involving killer wasps that can destroy the world and they execute a small taste of it as they set the wasps off to Hawaii. There is no way to kill these bees. They can wipe out everything in their path including animals and humans. They are able to lay their eggs in any species and within three days the new wasps will emerge and the hosts will die.

The secret of the wasps dates back to Civil War and involves Alexander Graham Bell and the Smithsonian Museum and bones preserved in amber. Grayson Pierce (still trying to deal with fallout from his dad’s death in the last story) and Seichan have been on leave for months now. They are currently on a deserted beach on an island in Hawaii when they see the swarm of bees approaching. They try to get away but Seichan is stung. Grayson manages to get to the downtown area to warn everyone buts it’s too late. The bees are approaching and mass panic happens. While Grayson is warning the locals Seichan is attacked by members of the Guild looking for revenge against her.

Sigma Force has called in experts to try and help solve the problem of the wasps but find there’s no cure. Seichan is found to have been infested by the wasps and is given three days to live. As they start investigating where this has come from it takes one force to Europe to track down the route of James Smithsonian, who found the original amber, to try and find out about the origins of the wasps.

Meanwhile Grayson leads a team to an island in the ocean where they face danger and Seichan is targeted and captured by an old foe of the Guild. Grayson manages to flee the island and track down Seichan and faces their old foe in a final showdown to save their lives and hopefully find a cure for the wasps.

Another excellent Sigma Force adventure that leaves you on the edge of your seat with non-stop action and twists you don’t see coming. I also like that James devotes chapters to the wasps and how they work, breed and what their story is. It really adds to the story.

You can pick up The Demon Crown in stores on Tuesday, December 5th from William Morrow.

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