Book Review: ‘The Christmas Star’ Is An Uplifting Novel For The Whole Family

New York Times bestselling author Donna VanLiere is back with latest Christmas story just in time for the Holidays. It’s an uplifting, heart-warming tale of love, friendship and hope for the people of a small town. It’s perfect for the whole family and will bring a smile to your face when you’ve finished it.

Maddie is a seven year old girl who has cerebral palsey but doesn’t let it define her life. She is in foster care and has a great family with Linda. She has always wondered about her parents but doesn’t know anything about them. After school everyday she goes to Glory’s Place, an after-school program, until Linda picks her up. She loves going there, loves the people that works there and has a very positive attitude.

When Amy Denison starts working there she is happy and really likes her. She hears that she is single and decides she has a man for her. The maintenance man at her school Gabe. She decides to set them up and unknown to her they have a past history. Can Maddie get them to overcome their past history?

Meanwhile Lauren who works at Glory’s Place gets engaged and is planning her wedding. She wants nothing big just to get married outdoors in December close to Christmas. Throughout the planning she discovers that other people are in need more than her and being the season she reaches out in the spirit of the holidays.

And by the end of the book Maddie gets the best Christmas present ever!

You can pick up The Christmas Star in stores on Tuesday, October 16 from St. Martin’s Press.

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