Book Review: ‘The Ancient Nine: A Novel’ Is A Thrilling Look At A Secret Society

Harvard University in 1988 and it’s time for the all-male final clubs to invite potential new people to join. Spenser Collins is shocked when he gets invited to what’s considered the most prestigious club The Delphic. He’s from Chicago and not from a rich family. He doesn’t have a lot of money and barely scrapes by. He’s on the basketball team and has good grades. Still it’s a shock to him and his good friend Dalton Winthrop. He’s from a rich family and one of the known Winthrop men that have gone to Harvard. He’s already part of another club.

But Dalton knows there’s secrets involved with the Delphic Club. An old mystery of someone disappearing in 1928 there and rumors of a secret group called The Ancient Nine have been around for a long time. Dalton’s uncle has all but confirmed that it exists but no one really talks about it. In the mansion where the club is housed are rumors of a secret room and something(s) valuable hidden there.

Now that Spenser is one of the men trying to become a member he and Dalton form a plan to figure out who and what The Ancient Nine are all about. They start digging into everything they can find about the house, the man that went missing and a mysterious book he got from his uncle. The more they dig the more questions they have. On top of that someone is following Spenser and he’s being warned off of his digging to leave things alone. There lives are in danger and soon Spenser will learn the shocking truth.

Author Ian Smith was a member of one of the Harvard secret clubs so he knows of what he’s writing about in the novel. It’s a thrilling look at an Ivy League school with twists and turns as the two young men dig into the secrets of the school and the club. A thrill ride from the beginning all the way to the very end. I have never heard about these secret clubs and found this story a fascinating look at the rich and famous at one of our countries oldest and most prestigious schools Harvard.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, September 18 from St. Martin’s Press.

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