Book Review: ‘The Space Between The Stars’ Is An Okay Debut Novel

When a virus wipes out most of mankind throughout the galaxy, one woman goes on a quest to return to earth and the man she loves.

When the earth is overpopulated there are new colonies and space stations throughout the galaxy. When a deadly virus hits with no cure most of mankind is wiped out. When Jamie Allenby wakes up days later she’s surprised to see that she’s still alive. She’s on a planet away from earth working as vet. She doesn’t see any other humans around. She goes in search of people. Three days later she finally meets two others. They have a communications link open in search of anyone in space or on another planet.

When Callan shows up with his ship and to refuel he takes them with him. Their off to earth so Jamie can find her on again/off again boyfriend Daniel and to start new lives and rebuilding. When they get another message from a planet they stop and pick up more people and refuel. They once again are on there way. Five people and two crew members in a ship with diverse personalities.

On the way to earth, the get a call from Alegria (which is now the capitol planet) there are survivors and they need more gas. When they land they find a lot of survivors and even Daniel. Things don’t go as planned and they want to leave for earth. They’re told they are not allowed to leave and things will now be different. They plan an escape and are on the way to earth.

When they get there it’s about what they expected. A few survivors here and there. By the end of the story secrets are revealed including who, how and why the virus came about.

The title of the book The Space Between The Stars has meaning in the story and is explained by the time you finish the novel. The story itself ebbs and flows. Some is good and some is just there. It’s a Sci-Fi story based in space. You could see this weekly if you watched shows life Star Trek and Lost In Space.

You can pick up The Space Between The Stars by Anne Corlett in stores on Tuesday, June 13 from Berkley.

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