Book Review: ‘The Snow Globe’ Is An Old Fashioned Love Story

An eighteen year old girl overhears servants gossiping and it reveals family secrets.

It’s Christmas 1926 and Daisy Forbes and her family are gearing up for the yearly celebration at their country estate in Surry, England. When Daisy overhears servants talking about her father and the fact he has been having an affair sets her off. Her life is shattered be the news. Worse her mother has invited the woman to the estate for the holidays (she’s an old friend of the family). Daisy also has a close friend name Stephen, who after all these years admits he’s in love with her. Daisy also gets a marriage proposal from Ben and has her first kiss from another guy.

Everything gets to be too much and Daisy decides to go to London to live with her sister. She continues to date Ben, who pressures her to accept his proposal. She does but doesn’t feel good about it. When she finds out some news about Stephen, she investigates and finds out another secret. She soon has choices to make that will impact the rest of her life.

A romantic, old fashioned story with well written characters, makes for a great read.

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