Book Review: ‘Sister Of Mine: A Novel’ Is A Thrilling Tale Of Two Sisters

Penny and Hattie are two sisters that have always been close and in each others lives. They may not always have gotten along but in the end they are sisters and family. We learn their backstory growing up and learn their father left one day and never came back. He was some sort of crook and when he left the family was shunned by neighbors and friends. Then Penny left for school and Hattie became a wild child and was there when their mother died.

Penny met Buddy and fell in love and married him. But soon discovered he was a brutal man and wanted to leave but he wouldn’t let her. So a plan was hatched to take care of him once and for all. It is a secret the sisters never talk about. And now they are both living in their family home, working and being sisters. Until one day when Jameson starts at the school Penny works at. Then he started coming around the house and they became a threesome (as in friends). Soon Hattie and Jameson were an item and were trying to have a kid.

When a betrayal takes place it could be the straw that breaks the sisters up. Another secret, long standing grudges and a horrible secret that finally comes out could be the end for Penny and Hattie.

A page-turning story of love, family, sisters and secrets. How far will you go to protect someone you love without sacrificing yourself? A shocking twist ending that you won’t see coming makes for an enjoyable read.

You can pick up Sister Of Mine by author Laurie Petrou in stores from Crooked Lane Books on Tuesday, August 7.

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