Book Review: ‘Since She Went Away’

David Bell is the author of Somebody I Used to Know and Forgotten Girl. He’s back with his latest thriller Since She Went Away (NAL Trade Paperback Original; in stores June 21).

Jenna Barton is grieving her missing best friend Celia Walters. It’s been three months since they were suppose to meet in the park. Jenna was running late and when she got there no sign of Celia. The police found one her diamond earrings but nothing else. No other clues or body was found.

Jenna and her son Jared are both racked with guilt over the events of that night (no spoilers) and are dealing with it. As the days go on Jared has become involved with his first girlfriend Tabatha, who has a very controlling father. She suddenly dumps Jared and then seems to disappear out of nowhere (her secrets soon come out). Meanwhile another woman disappears and the police are trying to see if there’s a connection to Celia.

The more digging that goes on, the more secrets about the night Celia disappeared come out. As the pieces come together, a shocking confession is made as to what really happened to Celia the night she vanished.

Is she alive, did she runaway or was she murdered? A thrilling mystery right up to the reveal of what really happened!

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