Book Review: ‘Scandal Above Stairs (A Below Stairs Mystery)’ Is The Next Fun Adventure

Last year author Jennifer Ashley began a new series (Below Stairs) and she is now back with her follow up and second story Scandal Above Stairs. Like the first one it’s got the great characters of Mrs. Holloway (Kat), Cynthia and Daniel.

The Below Stairs is about the servants and people that work to keep the rich and their houses running. The maids, cooks and butlers. They only time they usually go above the stairs is to serve, clean or when they are summoned. Kat (Mrs. Holloway) is the cook and Mr. Davis is the butler. They are short staffed and having to do double duty until/if more people get hired. When a robbery streak hits London and valuable paintings and artifacts go missing Lady Cynthia calls upon Mrs. Holloway to help solve the crimes.

Since she did such a good job in the first book along with Daniel (who has gone missing for a time), the three of them are on the case. There’s also a few murders along the way that tie into the thefts. The more they investigate Kat things she has it figured out and must save lives before it’s too late.

Another fun mystery in Jennifer’s new series. The characters of Kat, Lady Cynthia and Daniel are a hoot. There are quite a few LOL moments and further character development of these characters. The chemistry between Kat and Daniel is reaching a fever point. Will they become a couple in future books? One can only hope. It’s also a good look at what being a servant is like in the late 1800’s in England.

I highly recommend picking up the first book Death Below Stairs first. You can read our review here and we are also quoted in the new book under praise for the first book!

They’re fun and easy to read and perfect for the beach, lake or pool. Get both and make a weekend out of it. You won’t be disappointed. You can pick up Scandal Above Stairs in stores on Tuesday, July 3rd from Berkley Crime Trade Paperback.

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