Book Review: ‘Saving Grace’ Is A Good Read Even If The Story Has Been Told A Hundred Times

Has Grace inherited her mother’s mental illness or is something else going on?

Grace Chapman is living the good life. She’s married to a best selling author, who can be moody at times, but she’s come to deal with it. They live on the Hudson in New York. Her life is busy with her cooking and her work. When her husband Ted needs a new assistant they advertise for a new one and then Beth walks in.

She seems to good to be true and soon gets the job and becomes indispensable. She’s like a gift from heaven. Soon strange things begin to happen to Grace. Things she can’t understand. The thought starts to come to her that maybe she has her mother’s mental illness. She sees a doctor and is prescribed pills that drain the life from her. She’s tired, moody and slowly going crazy. Meanwhile Beth has basically taken over her life in subtle ways. Grace soon flees to England to be with friends, ditches the pills and figures out what has been happening. Will Grace be able to undo the damage and reclaim her life?

A very well written book with interesting characters. It’s a story we’ve also seen hundreds of times over the years in books and film. Still if you like this kind of gaslight story then you will enjoy it. Also a nice touch since Grace is a chef, there’s lots of recipes to use to cook some yummy dishes.

‘Saving Grace’ is available now in stores.

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