Book Review: ‘Salt Lane’ Is The Next Police Mystery Featuring Alexandra Cupidi

Sergeant Alexandra Cupidi has transferred out of London after her disastrous affair with a married co-worker to Kent. She and her daughter have a nice place near the water and Alexandra is at her new job. She hasn’t really been taken in yet by her new colleagues at work due to her working style. She’s assigned to work with Constable Jill Ferriter. And they are now on the case of a murder woman in a marsh area and there are no clues as to who might have done it.

Another murder happens not to far away of a man where again there’s not a lot of clues as to why. They think they have found a man who might be the one but he dies before they can question him and get any type of confession. As they dig they discover it may have something to do with illegal migrant workers in the area near what is called the Salt Lane. They arrive and stay and work for local farms and businesses usually under the radar.

Also she is having issues with teenage daughter Zoe. She’s not eating a lot and has a bit of an attitude. With the murders in the area Alex is worried about her. And also not doing everything by the book is causing issues at work with internal affairs. Doing some off the duty investigation on her own Alex catches a break and figures out what has been going on. But in the process of that it could cost her everything including her life.

Salt Lane has interesting characters, a good setting and a solid story. There’s no real blow away plot twists and OMG moments. Just a solid, well-paced story. I wouldn’t mind reading more Alexandra Cupidi stories in the future.

You can pick up Salt Lane by William Shaw in stores on Tuesday, June 26.

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