Book Review: ‘Rules Of Engagement: A Novel’ Might Be One Of The Best Books This Summer

A good wartime thriller needs to have unlimited action, great characters and a compelling story. In the new book Rules Of Engagement it has all of that and more. It grabs you from the beginning and never lets up. It’s all action right up to the very end. Battles, hacking and maybe three of the best characters all year in the midshipmen students that are able to save the world due to their computer and hacking skills. You won’t want to put the book down it’s that damn good.

Russia and North Korea are at it again. Russia wants to get more arms sales since things are slow and wants North Korea to form a plan to hack their neighbors to make it seem like trouble is around the corner. Rafiq Roshed, a master hacker and cyber expert, is hired to undertake the job. He just last year was able to hack parts of the United States electrical grid. He comes up with a program to hack the Chinese, Japanese and America military systems to make it seem like WWIII is about to start. Tensions in the South China sees are at an all-time high as it is.

When the Chinese start attacking it looks like was is imminent. Thanks to 3 mid-shipment students with unbelievable hacking and computer skills the crisis could be averted. But time is running out and a it will mean the difference between life and death.

To quote author Mark Greaney who wrote a blurb for the book (Gray Man and Jack Ryan books): “Compares With Best Of Tom Clancy.” I think this sums it up!

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, June 25th from St. Martin’s Press.

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