Book Review: ‘Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind’ Is The Next Exciting Jesse Stone Novel

After going to rehab to once again fight his drinking problem, Jesse Stone is back in Paradise. He takes his place as Chief much to the relief of Molly, who has been acting chief. Things have been relatively quit in town. Only one young man Cole Slayton is in jail for the second time on disorderly conduct. Jesse cuts him a break and lets him go with a warning. The man has a serious chip on his shoulder. Jesse sees something in him and takes him under his wing in an attempt to help him.

Soon things in town take a bad turn with racial issues. A cross is burned on Jesse’s old house where a black woman and white man are living with their kids. Hateful literature is being left at people’s houses by a white supremacy group. Jesse’s Deputy Alisha (who is black) is set up one night and kills a white man who she claims was firing on her. No guy or evidence is found he was. It causes quit a stir in Paradise and the State Cops are on the case. Jesse believes Alisha is innocent and he and the force do everything they can to prove it and find out about this group and their plans for Paradise.

Jesse is also fighting his urge to drink and attending meetings. They soon catch some breaks on what’s going on in town and it leads to a showdown that will put lives at risk including Jesse and his staff. Jesse also gets the shock of his life when he figures out exactly who Cole Slayton is and why he’s in town.

Another great Jesse adventure. He is such a great character and the series is always great to read. This is Author Reed Farrel Coleman’s fifth time writing a Jesse novel and he has all the characters down pat. With Jesse finally trying to stay sober and the added shock of what he finds out in the book leaves a lot to look forward to in coming novels. I for one can’t wait.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, September 11th.

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