Book Review: ‘Requiem: A Mystery’ Is A Great Start To A New Mystery Series

Geir Tangen is one of Norway’s biggest crime-book bloggers. He self published this debut novel Requiem: A Mystery and it came out a couple of years ago. And now St. Martin’s Press/Minotaur books has picked up the rights and will be releasing it on Tuesday, July 31st. He already has a follow book written as well titles Heartbreaker.

Journalist Viljar Gudmundsson is a reporter at a small newspaper and was wrote a big story 4 years ago about a scandal involving a politician. He became famous for it. Now years later he still writes for the paper and has a hard ass boss. When he receives an e-mail saying that someone is going to kill a woman and on what date he ignores it. They when a woman is found dead he ties the e-mail to the crime. He contacts the police and joins up with Investigator Lotte Skeisvoll. He soon gets another e-mail and he and the police are trying to figure out who is behind this.

Viljar thinks he knows what this is about. It involves the story from 4 years ago and a mistake he made when he broke it. We learn through flashbacks who and what happened. Viljar is also going through person problems. Ever since that story years ago he has been seeing a shrink, be suffering from depression, too much drinking and other issues. Soon the police think he may be behind the killings. When the killer hits to close to home it all becomes too much for him. And soon it becomes a race against time to not only save himself but figure out once and for all who is doing this before it’s too late.

A great debut thriller with lots of twists and turns you won’t see coming. I like to call it a page-turner that you won’t be able to put down until the very end. I am looking forward to the next adventure.

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