Book Review: ‘Remember Me’ Is A Gripping, Suspenseful Read

Alexandra Burt’s debut novel Remember Me is a gripping, intense book that’s well worth reading.

Estelle Paradise is a new mother who’s having all sorts of issues. She has post-partum depression but isn’t diagnosed with it. Her baby Mia is colic and cries all the time. She thinks that the baby hates her and she also thinks her husband may be cheating. She finds things out about him that she didn’t know before their marriage.

One night she puts the baby to bed locks the house up and goes to sleep. When she wakes up the baby and all her stuff is gone, like she never existed. She freaks out and looks all over for her. She never calls 911. She goes to the police station but leaves. Next thing we find out is she’s in the hospital having had a car accident far from where she lives. She has no memory of what happened or where Mia could be.

She ends up being sent to psych hospital in hopes of remembering what happened. The police are suspicious of her and rumors are she will be charged for Mia missing and presumed dead. With the help of the a specialist at the facility Estelle slowly gets her memory back and is able to put all the pieces together and what she remembers and finds will shock her. Will she find Mia? You will have to read the book to find out!

Alexandra gives a great back story on the character of Estelle, her life, how she met her husband and builds to an exciting climax. At heart the story is about a mother that will stop at nothing to find her daughter.

You can pick it up in stores July 7.

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