Book Review: ‘The Red Line’ Imagines What World War III Might Be Like

Walt Gregg’s The Red Line (Berkley Trade Paperback Original; in stores Tuesday, May 2) looks at a potential World War III situation.

Russia has a new leader and is on the move. They have come up with a clever plan to invade and take over Germany (who has a new hard line leader). The US is in Germany at army bases on the border. The Russians have been doing war games and amusing the US base with their games. When they suddenly start invading and declaring war, the US and Europe is caught off guard. A small group of soldiers does the best they can do to slow the movement of the Russians (but are way out numbered).

The Russians also come up with a plan to know out the communication/satellite grids leaving the Americans/Europeans from communicating. As the Russians advance on all sides American forces are doing the best they can to stop/fight them. Slowly the Americans are regrouping and getting forces to fight the Russians.

As evacuations of Americans in Germany commence lives are being lost. George O’Neill is separated from his wife and baby son moved to England. He comes up with a last ditch effort to help restore some of the communications to help the Americans in the war. A last ditch effort could make or break this war.

It’s an engrossing tale of war, survival and life. It really is an epic tale of war. My only complaint about the book is it’s long at 514 pages. It really could have been edited down a bit more. Other than that one complaint, it’s well worth reading if you’re a war fan.

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