Book Review: ‘Pieces Of Her’ By Karin Slaughter Is An Exciting Thriller With Lots Of Twists And Turns

Karin Slaughter is back with her next heart-racing, page turner of a novel. Nothing is as it seems and with twists and turns galore you won’t be able to put it down right up to the last page and word. Karin is simply one of the best thriller writers today. If you haven’t read some of her past books you should. It just doesn’t get much better than her.

Andrea loves her mom Laura and they have a great relationship. She has been there for her all her life. She feels she knows her mother better than anyone. Then is all changes. When a man with a gun rushes into the coffee shop they’re in and kills people and then holds Andrea and Laura at gunpoint, Laura jumps into action and ends up killing the man. The police start investigating but Andrea and Laura stay somewhat quiet about it. There’s video and it clearly shows Laura killing the man. The question for Andrea is who is Laura and how did she know to do what she did.

When Andrea is moving out of her mother’s house a mysterious man in a hoodie shows up and has Laura hostage looking for information. Andrea picks up a pan and smacks him in the head killing him. Laura springs into action and gives Andrea orders to leave, money and detailed instructions on where to go and what to do. Andrea hits the road wondering who this woman is and what she’s about.

In flashbacks we learn Laura’s story of her life before her daughter and it’s quite a story. The novel flips back between the past and today what Andrea is doing and where she’s headed. When Andrea starts putting pieces together the past and present will collide, lives will be lost and mother and daughter just might not survive.

You can pick up Pieces Of Me in stores on Tuesday from William Morrow.

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