Book Review: ‘The Perfect Stranger’ Starts Off Strong And Then Gets Real Muddled

Just who is Emmy Grey? She is an old friend of Leah Stevens and they reconnect after eight years apart. Leah is in potential trouble in Boston and Emmy suggests they move to rural Pennsylvania to start over. Leah is down for it and they rent a house and Leah gets a teaching job. Things seem to be going okay.

Then Emmy vanishes from the face of the earth. A woman is assaulted near where they live and looks like Leah. Leah also is being stalked by someone that works for the school. Soon a local police officer Kyle Donovan is assigned to the case. Kyle and Leah get close and it threatens to overshadow the case.

Things with Leah don’t seem to add up to Kyle. Just who is Emmy and did she really exist? They more Leah digs, the more she realizes she never knew Emmy and that she is part of a plot against her. Even Kyle is starting to doubt her.

Since Leah was a reporter in Boston, where she wrote an article that destroyed her career (we learn all the details of her past). She soon puts the pieces together and confronts her past and what is happening today with some shocking conclusions.

The book started out strong. A good mystery of who was Emmy and what happened to her. By the last quarter of the book and the reveals of the story is just got really confusing. To many moving parts with the who, what, where and why. By the time I finished I was somewhat confused.

You can check it out for yourself when All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda hits stores on Tuesday, April 11, from Simon & Schuster.

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