Book Review: ‘Pandemic’ Is The Next Thrilling Robin Cook Medical Mystery

When a seemingly healthy woman collapses on the New York subway system and then dies something is not right. When her body is transferred to the medical examiner Jack Stapleton (from the 1992 novel Blindsight) he finds something isn’t right. She had a heart transplant 3 months ago and it looks great. But she was not on the required medicine she should have been on. He thinks it might be some new virus and that it could be an outbreak. She has no ID on her and no one has claimed the body.

He sends off samples to be further studied and Jack starts his own investigation. He starts tracking down where she might have gotten her heart surgery done, where she might have gotten the tattoos she had and soon discovers who she is. When the body is released to a mysterious person he pays a visit to a brand new hospital/research center in New Jersey owned and run by a rich Chinese billionaire. Jack gets some answers but things aren’t adding up.

And when two more bodies show up exactly like the first one it’s now going on a full scale pandemic. Jack keeps investigating and learns the shocking truth, which involves CRISPR/CAS9 and the soon finds himself in a whole lot of trouble. Trouble that could cost him his life.

Robin Cook is the king of these type of novels and he doesn’t disappoint here. The story starts off strong and continues right through the climatic end. With twists and turns it’s a page-turner you won’t want to put down. The story makes you wonder if it’s something that be really happening now or in the near future.

You can pick up Pandemic in stores on Tuesday, December 11th from Putnam.

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