Book Review: ‘One Good Thing’ Is A Good Look At Friends And Family

Wendy Wax is back with another heartfelt book about friends and family. One Good Thing (Berkley Trade Paperback Original; April 25) is back with familiar characters that continue the story in South Florida.

Nikki is pregnant with twins and scared to death everything will be okay. Her husband Joe tries to calm her down but it doesn’t help when he’s called away on urgent FBI business. Bitsy is in dire straights when her husband leaves her for a young stripper and steals her fortune. Chase and Avery are having to deal with his adolescent, rebellious son. Kyra and Dustin are being visited by Daniel, who makes a request that floors Kyra. She’s dealing with her problems as she’s in debt (which no ones knows about) and could lose her house. And Maddie and Will are having to deal with a long distance relationship now that he’s back on the road. And they are in a contract dispute with the network over their show.

As the days and weeks go by secrets are revealed, decisions have to be made and will Joe make it back in time for the birth of his two kids?

You can find out when One Good Thing hits stores on Tuesday, April 25.

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