Book Review: ‘Old Scores’ Is The Next Barker & Llewelyn Adventure

Author Will Thomas is back with his newest Barker & Llewelyn adventure and what a hoot it is. My first time reading one of these stories and I really enjoyed it. Think of some of the best duos over the years like The Robot and Doctor Smith, Laverne & Shirley, Batman & Robin, Captain Kirk and Spock and you have Barker & Llewelyn. They are the ying to each others yangs and couldn’t do without each other.

It’s 1890 and a Japanese delegation arrives in London to open their first embassy. Cyrus Barker(Service Officer) is assigned to show them his Japanese garden and to make them feel comfortable. Ambassador Toda later than night is shot and killed. Cyrus is found across the street holding his gun and bullet is missing. He’s arrested for the killing. Llewelyn is is soon on the case and gets Cryus out of jail. It seems he knows a lot of people (and there’s some really funny dialogue).

Soon Barker is hired to find the real killer (he has not been charged) and Llewelyn is assisting him. They have to deal with some shady things and their lives are in danger as they search for the truth. There’s murders and both have to deal with Japanese bad guys in an attempt to learn the truth and stay alive.

Just a really fun read with very enjoyable characters set in a great time period with nods to historical cultures of the times. You can pick it up in stores now.

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