Book Review: ‘Old Bones’ Is A Great Start To A New Series From Preston & Child

I love Preston & Child books. Been reading them for years now. They are back with a new series featuring the character of archaeologist Nora Kelly. She is contacted by historian Clive Benton, who claims he is a descendant of the Donner party and he has the journal that belonged to Tamsen Donner, the wife of George. It tells about the ‘lost camp’ of the party. He wants her to help find it and the rumored gold coins that were reportedly left behind. Today they are worth 20 million dollars. Not to mention the remains of the party. The get to work on the dig and then some strange things happen and two of the party are found dead.

Meanwhile rookie FBI agent Corrie Swanson is assigned a case of grave robbing with a dead body of a man who was murdered. She soon finds out more graves have been robbed and it’s connected to the Donner party via descendants of one of the party. And soon it leads her to the dig that is going on in the mountains. She is investigating the murders not having much luck figuring out what has been happening. Until she finds a clue and then it begins clear what is going on and she and Nora find their lives at stake in a climatic showdown.

Preston & Child can write like no others. They have well-written and defined characters and easy to read stories. You are never disappointed by one of their books.

You can pick up Old Bones in stores on Tuesday, August 20th from Grand Central.

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