Book Review: ‘No Is A Four-Letter Word’ By Chris Jericho

Wrestling Superstar and Rock Star Chris Jericho is back with his fourth book No Is A Four-Letter Word (Da Capo Press; in stores Tuesday, August 29th). It’s not a biography this time. It’s a look at how he lives his life and by certain principals he believes in.

Things like believe in yourself, never take no for an answer (in some cases you have to though), always look like a star and a lot more things that will help you get to where you want to be. Along the way there’s great stories. Like going to battle with Vince McMahon over wrestling stories and ways he wants to do matches (lots of cool behind the scenes and what Vince is like). His life on the road before he made it big in wrestling. Lots of cool stories about his career as a rock star and hanging with KISS, Lemmy and Metallica.

If you’ve read the previous books by Chris, you know he has a unique style of writing and telling stories. He doesn’t disappoint here with his great stories and inspirational talk about trying to live your life and get what you want out of it.

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