Book Review: ‘No Exit: A Novel’ Is A Thrilling Game Of Cat And Mouse

Imagine driving in a snowstorm in a beat up old car in the mountains of Colorado on the way to see your dying mother in Utah. The storm is so bad you have to pull over to a rest stop and wait it out. Your cell phone is dying, you have no charger, no signal or WIFI. At least the rest stop still has power, some coffee and 4 other strangers. Things could be worse right? Well for Darby Thorne she’s about to find out how bad they can be.

Looking for a signal out in the parking lot near all the cars Darby sees something weird from the van that is there. A hand? It can’t be. But is is and she soon discovers a young girl in the back in a dog cage. Darby now knows someone in the rest stop is a kidnapper and who knows what else. She is able to figure out who and she breaks into the van to talk to the little girl Jay and finds out what has happened to her.

When Darby tries to get help from the other people inside (not sure who she can trust) it’s more than she bargained for and it sets off a chain of circumstances which leaves people dead and fighting for their lives in a game of cat and mouse to the death.

Author Taylor Adams has written a page turning story that keeps you on the edge of your seat in a battle to survive using your wits and brains to out smart the bad guy. There’s also shocking twists along the way you won’t see coming and you’ll want to read on to the last word.

The book is in stores on Tuesday, January 15th from Morrow and has been sold to 20th Century Fox as a movie.

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