Book Review: ‘Next Year For Sure’ Is Already One Of The Best Books Of The Year

Zoey Leigh Peterson’s debut novel is a stunning look at what an open relationship is or can be like for any couple thinking about it. It works for some couples but not all. Next Year For Sure (Scribner; in stores now) is a must read if you’re thinking about it.

Kathryn and Chris seem like the perfect couple. They’ve been together for nine years. They both had bad other relationships and seem to be happy. They are always honest with each other about everything. They have their talks in the shower (no subject off limits). When Chris confesses he likes a girl name Emily, he is encouraged to date her. He doesn’t want to but Kathryn insists to see if this infatuation is real.

Emily a new age kind of girl that lives in a house with a bunch of other people in a communal type home, that seem open to anything agrees to date him. She knows he’s with Kathryn and even tries to include her in things. They more they date and hang out the weirder yet not weird it gets. Chris is falling for Emily but still loves Kathryn. They are now in an open relationship (something neither of them ever thought about).

The more they all hang out the more Chris and Kathryn realize they may need be the ones for each other. Suddenly they find themselves in new relationships now sure how to let go of the old one.

It’s only March and this is already on my list of favorite books of the year. Just a great read and look at the effects of total honesty and what an open relationship is like. The beauty of it is how honest the principal characters are with each other. No lying or going behind each others back (good lesson for anyone that wants to cheat. Just be honest up front).

You can pick up Next Year For Sure in stores now.

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