Book Review: ‘Neon Prey’ Is The Next Thrilling Lucas Davenport Novel

Author John Sandford is back with book number 29 in his Lucas Davenport series of novels. And once again he doesn’t disappoint. This time Lucas is on the hunt of a man who has killed a lot and even eaten some of his victims.

Clayton Deese is a killer and eats his parts of his victims and has been caught when he tries to beat up another person. He’s out on bond but takes off his ankle monitor and vanishes. The FBI lead by a brash new your guy named Tremanty is on the case. As is US Marshalls Bob and Rae. They call Lucas to tell him he should be part of the case as well. Lucas gets himself assigned and he’s on the way to New Orleans to help in the search for Deese. He gets a lead on where he might be and it’s off to Los Angeles for Lucas, Bob and Rae.

While there they discover that Deese is not alone and figure out where they are and a raid is planned. They are some what outsmarted and don’t get everyone they are after. And Lucas gets shot. Not deadly but enough to need some time off. Soon the search is resumed and it brings them to Vegas where a final showdown will take place in a stunning climax of life and death.

For fans of Virgil Flowers and his series he makes a cameo like usual in this book and we learn what he’s up to (which will lead to his next book out in October).

This was another stellar book with a great story and characters that you grow to like and root for each time out. Each book is a standalone story so if you haven’t read before no worries. Enough backstory is given so you know who is who. I for one look forward to this time each year.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, April 23rd from Putnam.

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